A brief outline of our listing and selling process

Comparative Marketing Analysis

Firstly we conduct a CMA (Comparative Marketing Analysis) via researching previous properties sold locally and within an acceptable distance or radius to your properties location that have similar features or attributes to your property, then we produce a written appraisal report for you plus we discuss the following points with you:

  • Your anticipated time frame for selling
  • The sale price you would like us to ideally achieve
  • The most appropriate selling method either auction or negotiation
  • Your preferred listing type such as open or exclusive
  • The most appropriate marketing plan for your property and your budget
  • Your preferred inspection method either open homes or inspections by appointments
  • Discuss any remedial or maintenance issues to be completed

Listing Process

The listing process is then formalised and completed by the signing of a completed PO Form 6 (Property Occupations Act 2014) along with a privacy notice and consent form that allows us to start advertising and marketing your property to prospective buyers.

Once all the forms have been received and processed we will send you copies for your records.


If permitted we will supply and install free of charge a standard corflute (for sale) sign which is generally installed outside the property or alternately we will organise a professional signage company to print some of your properties photos on the sign highlighting your properties features.


You have two options when it comes to taking photos of your property, first option is we can take some pictures free of charge with our standard office digital camera or we can contact a professional photographer that specialises in real estate photography and they can take pictures for you.


Our marketing campaign generally commences with a strategic plan by selecting the most appropriate advertising media and methods that targets buyers in your properties market price range.

We can also provide a video and CD for mailing distribution to prospective buyers and investors both local and overseas as every property is unique and has different attributes we try to create an individual campaign for each property to showcase its particular features.


  • Property submission to Google and other search engines
  • Property listing page SEO search optimization
  • Submission to Realestate.com.au
  • Submission to Domain.com.au
  • Submission to over 30 Australian real estate portals
  • Mix of print and digital media advertisement
  • Letters, email or phone calls to our data base of prospective buyers
  • Open home inspections

Marketing Cycle

Over the years through client feedback and practical experience we have identified important cycles in the process of selling property and the one that we make sure our sellers pay particular interest in is the marketing cycle that is briefly detailed below.

Weeks 1-2            High buyer interest in new property listed on the market

Weeks 2-4            Buyer interest peaks with inspections, verbal or written offers

Weeks 4-6            Buyers start searching again to compare properties and prices

Weeks 6-8            Original buyers are replaced with new prospective buyers and the marketing cycle starts over again

At Signature Realty we have adopted a proven marketing system to ensure that at every opportunity we are seeking interest or offers from prospective buyers and continually attempting to start the negotiation process. Identifying barriers to receiving offers is an integral part of our role and removing or negotiating them is our forte.

Inspections and Open Homes

Open homes creates an opportunity for potential buyers to plan their day with inspections and to have a closer look at your property. All visitors are required to sign a visitor register providing their complete contact details and the register also contains a list of questions that we ask to be completed, this helps us provide feedback to our vendors plus we can gauge the buyers perception of the property’s value in comparison to other property on the market. We don’t leave visitors unattended and we take your security and protection of personal possessions seriously which requires us in some circumstances to have two agents during the open home. Advantages of open homes are:

  • We gather marketing information on buyers perception of value
  • We can receive immediate offers and signed contracts
  • Potential buyers offer their opinions on impediments to purchasing

If the price is reviewed resulting in a reduction then we have a data base to notify which can result in offers because genuine buyers will be pleased to hear a property has been reduced in price.


We generally commence this process with the use of an Expression of Interest form that obtains all the relevant information such as.

  • The buyers contact details
  • The buyers purchase price offer
  • The buyers solicitor contact details
  • How many days needed to complete the finance obligation
  • How many days needed to complete the pest and building inspections
  • How many days required for the settlement date
  • Any special conditions or requirements

We then commence negotiations between the buyer and seller and make adjustments to the offer until it is accepted by the seller, we then prepare a sale contract using the information provided in the expression of interest form and present to the buyer and seller for signing and processing, copies are given to all parties including their solicitors.

Pest and Building

Once the sale contract has been processed we continue to liaise between all parties to ensure their appointed Pest and Building inspectors are booked in on their appropriate dates to conduct their inspections.

We attend the inspections and if required we recommence negotiations between all the parties if an issue has been identified that needs to be remedied prior to settlement.

Final Inspection

The new purchasers may request us to organise an appointment to attend a final inspection prior to settlement particularly if remedial work or repairs has taken place. This offers the purchasers an opportunity to satisfy themselves that the repairs have been undertaken in the manner agreed upon or as negotiated.

Settlement and Hand Over Keys

Generally we receive a fax from both solicitors stating that settlement of the property has taken place and requesting us to hand over the keys to the new owners.

We then attend the property and hand over the keys and any electronic devices that we may have in possession such as garage or air conditioning remote controls.